Video Archive

Circa 2004 – 2010

Wreck & Salvage Work

Wreck & Salvage was myself, Aaron Valdez, and Erik Nelson. Three internet video hobos, riding the rails of digital detritus. We made a few “shows” under this banner.

Suppendapo: Supplies for the Pending Apocalypse. Viewers called in orders to our answer machine. We received their voicemails as MP3, and animated their requests.

Labor Day: Archival footage from the Department of Labor combined with text-to-speech audio to create absurd infomercials about various jobs and workplaces.

Ornamental Concrete: Stop-motion animation using plastic dolls. Always weird, sometimes funny.

Voices From the Future. An early attempt (2005-2006) at using text-to-speech in web video voiceover, using an experimental tool from AT&T’s Natural Voices Speech Lab (now defunct).

The Singing Woodchuck Variety Minute (Vloggies 2006 “Favorite Viral Video“):

A playlist of videos I made in the early days, starting with Vernal Lullaby, the 7th video ever uploaded to Youtube. I actually uploaded this while the founders were pitching Youtube to our NYC Videoblogging Group meetup.

Other Things

The American Man: What Of Him?
An essay by John Updike in 1957.

The Public Address Network (The PAN):
Sadly none of these exist online anymore (except for this clip). This was a 5-day-per-week video podcast we started in 2006 and continued for 4-5 months. We got some traction and were mentioned in Wired, but we were early.