You can email me q@adamcquirk.com or find me on LinkedIn.

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I do ad hoc consulting via GLG, and contract consulting. Email for references.

Current work…

Cardinal Spirits
Cardinal makes delicious, award-winning spirits and canned cocktails. I founded Cardinal in 2013 with Jeff Wuslich and an amazing team. We started distilling in 2014, and sold our first bottle in 2015. Since then we’ve grown substantially every year.

Cardinal Copacking
Cardinal Copacking helps spirit brands go to market quickly with high quality packaging services. We are one of the most sought-after copackers in the spirits industry. With our new facility expansion we produce over 1MM bottles per year.

I work with people and businesses in a few different ways:

Business development
Big picture strategy
Product development
Marketing strategy
Creative direction

And more


  • GasMedix I began working with GasMedix as business consultant in 2020. The founder had been in the medical gas industry since 1982 and was considering options for how to exit day-to-day operations. In the two years I worked with him, I helped systemize processes that he was handling, coached his COO to become more self-sufficient, and helped the team grow top and bottom lines significantly. In December of 2021 we sold the company to a strategic acquirer and the founder was able to retire comfortably, leaving the team he built in excellent hands.
  • Wreck & Salvage: Alongside friends Erik Nelson and Aaron Valdez, I created the web video collaborative Wreck & Salvage. We spent several years in the mid-to-late 2000’s animating and remixing videos from the internet, for the internet.
  • Sproutbox / Cheddar: I worked with Marc Guyer, the founder of Cheddar (previously CheddarGetter) to market and sell Cheddar’s online subscription billing software. I learned how to use Github, and Marc learned how to act in marketing videos.
  • Bullemhead: I made my first foray into web video in 2004. I created short animated silly things, and posted personal vlogs. I have the 7th video ever posted to Youtube.
  • Vuvuzelas for BP: Over two months after the BP oil spill began seeping into the Gulf of Mexico, the flow had not been stopped. I created a Kickstarter campaign to buy 100 vuvuzelas and hire 100 vuvuzela players off Craigslist to play in front of BP’s International Headquarters in London for an entire work day.
  • Bullet Boards: In the early 90s, my friend Andy and I invented a street version of Skeleton boarding by taking the trucks and wheels from our skateboards and screwing them onto a piece of plywood. Then we barreled headfirst down huge hills at 45mph in a Goodwill motorcycle helmet, with chunks of 2×4 duct-taped to our shoes for brakes. We made and sold a few of these boards to our friends, but luckily it didn’t catch on and we all survived.
  • Other occupations: paperboy, busboy, line cook, sandwich artist, frame assembler, nurseryman, lead singer/guitarist, video editor, shopping mall talent scout, female bodybuilding website developer.

A digital image of my torso…